Custom ROM WPV 8779 dla HTC 7 Mozart


To nie to na co czekacie, brak jeszcze Licznika i Camera Extras od Nokii. Prace trwają, a do tego czasu inny najnowszy ROM tego samego autora. No może tygodniowy. Jak wgrać Custom ROM znajdziecie w Tutorialach na Forum.


ROM Information:
OS version 7.10.8779.8
Based on Mozart HTC ship ROM 5.13.401.01 Europe
Language: en-US

Some features:
Very compact, throw away some unnecessary.
Based on Mozart HTC ship ROM 5.13.401.01 Europe.
OS version 7.10.8779.8.
Rom containing your OS and contains only 5.71 Radio, SPL.
Fully unlocked from Ultrashot + IExapinstaller.
Language WWE. (Angielski)
Remove all unnecessary elements.
Integrated Search key program to transform the search function button. (Default to Bing)
Plays well with Xbox Live Cracked game runs fine with Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, Advance Configure.
Tweaks lot of features for the perfect machine for the optimal comfort and speed, smooth.
Mod icons and taskbar icons.
Note: to run applications related to system after installation, the root you to the program manager for the application to ON TRUSTED her system. At that time the new system applications that can run.

Pobierz: part1, part2.