Custom ROM RainbowMod v1.4 dla Lumii 710


Kontynuacja Custom ROM z serii RainbowMod. Autorem modyfikacji jest lucifer3006 z forum XDA. Custom ROM najlepiej wgrać najprostszą metodą przy użyciu Downloadera.

Oparty na 12180 firmware, OS version 7.10.8779.8
Updated applications:
-Bazaar to version 1.7
-WPH Tweaks to version 0.6
Fixed icons of files and folders in the filemanager for the white background, see screenshots (thanks to my buddy @cvr_z)
Fixed Nokia Transfer
Downgrade ODDT to version 1.9.4, now it is possible to configure MMS APN
Returned SimToolkit application
Added camera extras
Added DigitalPower (possible to change battery icon in the status bar, with percents)
Added TouchWake (wake up phone from sleep mode using any hardware button, not just the off button)
Removed my Live key (use lumia downloader to keep your key from the stock firmware, if you’re already use custom ROMs, get new personal key from MS Techsupport and enter it manually)
Added the ability to use a static IP to connect to a WLAN
Reduced levels of backlight values while light sensor is off (10/25/50)
Optimize rendering speed interface
Color accents from WP8
Added some wallpapers (thanks again @cvr_z)

Oryginalnie brak jest języka PL, aby go wgrać robisz to przez CAB Sender i pobierasz dodatkowe języki.

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